The Key To Happiness?

If you people watch, as I do, you might have noticed a decline in how often you hear laughter or see smiling faces.

Truer words. . .

Civility is a mask we wear when surrounded by the pretentious in a construct we named society.

On Apologies

When to apologize and to whom.

Being Dismissive

A thousand voices telling the same lie do not create truth.

Hate is Easy and Designed for the Stupid.

You don't always have to like those you love, but you must be tolerant.

Between Us

How can a person presume to know the world when they surround themselves with mirrors?


If you see colour, you are aiding those who profit from conflict.

Balance Beliefs

The media tells us how polarized our world allegedly is without covering the middle ground.

What’s the Diff?

Women and men are so very different, right?


If you want conflict and unhappiness in your life just pick a side.

Making Extremists

"Teach the children well."

Uneducating the West

By creating an endless stream of "specialized" divisions of micro-compartmentalized thinking within academia, we create more and more excuses which can be used in defence of a broken system whose sole purpose appears to be to hold humanity back.